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Fruity Aroma Fragrance Diffuser

Fruity Aroma Fragrance Diffuser

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Scent your car or a small space with pleasant and fruity aroma. The fragrance diffuser is blended with fruity, citrus, jasmine and raspberry fragrance for a refreshing and uplifting aroma. 

This listed price is for one diffuser.

Glass Jar, Wooden Lid, Diffuser Base & Fragrance Oil
Net weight: 8ml

Fragrance Diffuser Care:
Before Use:
*Remove the plastic stopper from under the wooden lid, then tighten the wooden lid back on and hang diffuser in your car or in your home.
*Gently tip bottle upside down for only a few seconds to allow the wooden lid to absorb some of the fragrance.  Do not allow oil to drip from the wooden lid.
*Do not leave bottle laying down without the plastic stopper. Hang at all times to prevent leakage.
Care Guide:
*You can hang the bottle from the rear-view mirror in your car using the included string or hang the bottle from the string wherever you would like it to be. 
*Gently flip to freshen the fragrance as needed.  Be careful not to spill the oil.
*The lid is absorbent and it soaks up the mixture from the bottle swinging back and forth while driving.
*The diffuser will slowly release its scent over time and keeping your car or a small space such as a bathroom or closet smelling refreshing and relaxing.
*Keep the diffuser away from children and pets.
*Do not obscure driver’s visibility or view of instruments.
*Avoid contact with face, eyes, textiles, furniture or interior of car.
*The mixture may be harmful to some surfaces if there is leaking.

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